Why Is Application Security Testing Important & 5 Essential Tools


The rationale behind this false assumption is that dealing with security may cause production delays. While this assumption may have been correct years ago, new tools and services that smoothly integrate into the CI/CD pipeline have matured to a point where this is no longer the case. A cloud-based software security solution lets you benefit from years of data starting on day one. The vendor uses this data to improve the accuracy of their scanning, so you spend less time fixing things that aren’t broken. If you’ve had an on-premises solution for one year, you only have one year of data.

For instance, PCI-DSS compliance demands data encryption for financial records. HIPAA demands tight identity management and encryption of sensitive information. Employees may retain workloads in an open state for long periods. The use of encryption and tools like DRM makes in-use data less accessible.

Principle of Security testing

Additionally, pentesting should be conducted on a regular basis in order to find any new vulnerabilities that may have arisen. Obtain an understanding of the system and its environment, including what is being tested, business functions, user roles and responsibilities, data flows, etc. Getting the balance right when applying the shared responsibility model is all-important. This issue affects proxy CASBs more than API-based versions. App developers tend to flag any API changes for CASB developers.

Main points in cloud application security testing

Security auditing is a structured method for evaluating the security measures of the organization. In this, we will do the inside review of the application and the control system for the security faults. In this, we will evaluate the vulnerabilities of the application based on different software such as Operating system, Database system, etc. It is the process of defining that a client is permitted to perform an action and also receive the services.

SaaS Applications

However, cloud-based testing is not a novel but a relatively fresh process to conduct application security testing. With cloud-based testing process, the applications can be tested by hosting the tools or solutions on the cloud. If enterprises move to cloud-based testing patterns, the security testing process can be made faster, scalable, and even cost-effective. In this net-savvy world, millennials are changing the entertainment zones from television to device-based or mobile-based or device-based applications with technology interfaces. Preferences are varying, which is impacting the overall cycle of application development.


Developers need to provision cloud services flexibly and quickly. Security teams must advise about how to calibrate those services safely. Firewall interaction – API CASBs supplement existing network firewalls. They add cloud security features that protect data and monitor activity.

Top 12 Cloud Security Tools for 2022

By identifying the lack of security, the organization can take remedial measures. Furthermore, preventing the cyber security threat can save the organization from huge financial losses and loss of customer trust and brand reputation. So, the penetration test facilitates uninterrupted business operations. The survey report of IDC, a global intelligence firm, suggests that data breach is at the top of the list of cloud security threats.

Security Testing Market Capitalizing on Market Growth: Essential Insights from Latest Research Report IBM Se – openPR

Security Testing Market Capitalizing on Market Growth: Essential Insights from Latest Research Report IBM Se.

Posted: Fri, 12 May 2023 18:09:00 GMT [source]

It also helps the business development by enabling easy data sharing through a secured network. The previous problem of device compatibility becomes obsolete with cloud applications. A challenge of rapidly changing business environments is seen when organizations have to invest in in-house infrastructure even when their servers aren’t going to be in use all the time.

Network segmentation’s role in PCI DSS

Cato SASE also provides a hands-off service that keeps dependencies and components up-to-date and is scalable without constant maintenance. SAST tools employ technology to analyze source code and binary executables for patterns indicative of security vulnerabilities or suspicious activity. A cloud-based vendor can leverage all that data and help you see how you compare to your industry peers.

Main points in cloud application security testing